About Us & FAQs

Here at Collector Buddy. we have been a long time collector.

FAQs that we have received.

Q. Where are you located and is there local pick up?

A.  We based in Waterloo, ON.  Sorry, we do not offer local ups anymore. Too many bad experiences.

Q. Are you legit?

A.  Yes, we are a legitimate register business and we can provide you with our business registration number if you want. That is why unfortunately we have to collect taxes on your order as well. With that being said this is a hobby of our. 

Q.  What payment method do you accept?

A. We accept VISA, Mastercard or Paypal on our website.  We can also accept interact email on custom orders not placed on our website.  It will show up as "2261522 Ontario Inc" on your credit card as we share payment processing with our other businesses to keep our cost down.

Q. Returns?

A.  Sorry, due to the nature, cost of the item and shipping we will not be accepting return.  Only exchanges if there is a major issue with it.